Leadership Hayward sessions are offered one day a month for eight months - generally November to June - and there have been over 400 graduates in its 30+ year history. Representatives of businesses, government, agencies, education and more are welcome to participate. Applications for the next class will be accepted through October. Click the application link below to apply.

Leadership Hayward provides a unique opportunity for participants to increase their knowledge of Hayward's complex social and economic issues. Participants are exposed to the challenges facing Hayward's leaders and learn how they respond. They are challenged to learn about and experience leadership by evaluating issues and viewpoints, examining leadership styles, and understanding the process of concensus.

Participants represent a cross-section of Hayward's diverse private and public sectors and age groups. Since its inception in 1990, alumni have later joined the State Legislature, Alameda County Board of Supervisors, college presidents, business executives, and countless leaders of organizations and agencies,

Essential to the success of the program has been support of the City of Hayward and California State University, East Bay, University Extension, that offers 2.0 units of Continuing Education credit for those who successfully complete the course of study.

For more information contact coordinator@hayward.org.

Heritage & Cultural Awareness

Participants become acquainted with one another and begin to network. They receive information on the history of the city and the demographic changes that have taken place that make Hayward the "Heart of the Bay."

Economic and Public Policy

Introduces participants with decision-making policies and practices regarding the city budget. The role of local government in community economic viability, the quality of life, and the impact of elected officials on the business community are also explored.

Community Design & Transportation

Increases the awareness of transportation and land use issues facing Hayward and factors affecting community design, open space, environmental considerations, sustainability, and balancing growth and quality of life.

Health & Human Services

Familiarizes participants with medical facilities and their roles in the city and region for health and emergency needs. Information is shared on community-based resources that address needs of special populations.


Exposes participants to the various levels and types of educational facilities within the city and explores some of the related issues affecting the community.

Arts & Recreation

Explores the public and private contributions to quality of life in providing leisure and entertainment opportunities.

Public Safety & Disaster Preparedness

Explores the roles of city police and fire departments and county services in responding to service calls and emergencies.

Public Facilities

Explores services the city provides to enable community development such as water and sewer service and the airport.


Tuition for each participant is $975, which covers meals and course materials. Fees can be paid by indivuals, an employer, or a sponsoring organization. As Title Sponsor, St. Rose Hospital provides underwriting that keeps Leadership Hayward tuition below the costs charged by leadership programs in other cities.




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