Speakers on various environmental topics to assist your business in reducing your costs of doing business through environmental stewardship. Hayward Green Team will meet monthly at businesses throughout Hayward.

Recycling Energy Air Conservation (REACON)

The REACON Team is the outreach arm of the Hayward Green Team. REACON is a collaboration between the Hayward Chamber, private businesses, municipal and county solid waste divisions, economic development professionals, and the community of Hayward. Our purpose is to promote environmental stewardship solutions, to address environmental and economic development issues, and to create a nexus to enhance the delivery of Chamber services in Hayward.

There are several areas in which the REACON Team is focused. These are:

  • REACON Assessment (Recycling, Energy Conservation, Air Pollution Mitigation, Water Conservation)
  • Green Business Certification
  • Business Wellness Assessment
  • P³ Stewardship (Refer to basic information #4)

Basic Information

  1. Outreach: As an outreach group of the Hayward Green Team program, the REACON Team will proactively visit medium to large size businesses to share and promote cost-saving “green” practices at their place of business.
  2. Green Assessment and Certification: We will provide a REACON assessment, that when completed by the company and green practices implemented, then reviewed by the REACON team, will qualify the company to be “Green Certified”.
  3. Programs: REACON Team will provide information on City of Hayward’s sustainable programs, energy conservation programs, waste assessments, and ways to reduce air pollution. In addition, information on other Chamber programs will be offered.
  4. Recognition: “P³ Stewardship” stands for Policies, Practices and Purchasing Stewardship. A P³ Stewardship Award has been developed to recognize businesses that engage in green practices and will be acknowledged during the annually each year.

For more information contact coordinator@hayward.org.


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