A Message from the President & CEO


Welcome to the Hayward Chamber of Commerce, where we are the Catalyst for business growth, a Convener of leaders and influencers to get things done, and a Champion for a thriving (not just surviving) community. As your new President & CEO, I am committed to your success. With our engaged Board of Directors, programs and events Chairs, and army of ambassadors and volunteers, we are primed to aggressively pursue our communal goals. The resolve of the Hayward Chamber is to inspire and build better lives and community. Every day, the pursuit of “better” will drive us. We are committed to our rich diversity—and boldly believe in the power of what we can achieve together—and we will embrace and channel our collective efforts to continue to create a vibrant and sustainable business community.

Maintaining and promoting a “3C Chamber of Commerce” doesn’t happen organically, it is a willful and deliberate, as well as powerful crusade that drives our passion (and that of our investors) for excellence. As you navigate our new website and discover our new value-added programs, events, and influential Good Government Now! (GGN!) advocacy program, you will realize that our goal is to promote the civic, economic, environmental, commercial, industrial, agricultural, educational, and vibrant business community in Hayward.

The Hayward Chamber of Commerce, as the unified voice and advocate for business, promotes economic development and business retention and expansion, enhances government relations and community development, advances collaborative partnerships and alliances, and provides key resources for the Hayward community. The fact is, we are in the “solutions business,” and, as such, won’t shy away from playing a leadership role in solving problems. Conversely, we will gratefully celebrate our successes as well!

For those who are members of the Chamber, thank you for your time, talent, and investment in the community through your Chamber membership. For those who are perspective members, I encourage you to join (or rejoin) the Chamber’s efforts in the revival taking place in the Hayward community. There is strength in our numbers!

Please download the Hayward Chamber App from the Apple Store or click on hayward.org/app You will receive up-to-date advocacy actions, event reminders, program reminders, and important information to your business through push notifications right to your mobile device. You can also get the latest information on the " of the Bay” blog on the top Menu of this website.

Please reach out to me to find out how you can get involved!

Best in business!

Frank J. Ferral
President & CEO