The Employer Advisory Council (EAC) of Alameda County and the Employment Development Department (EDD) want to support you and your company with virtual educational opportunities. Join this webinar to hear from employment law attorney and human resources specialists Jason Geller and Taric Monsour of the law firm Fisher Phillips LLP about issues in employment legislation.

What to Expect of The Hiring Process Webinar

This webinar will target the myriad of issues employers face throughout the hiring process. Employers will receive a refresher on how to sidestep any issues that can arise during these critical phases including goals and risks of hiring, and how to find the best candidates.

Learning Outcomes

  • Hiring for temporary, leased, or part-time employees.
  • Joint employers’ basics. 
  • Immigration basics.
  • Screening applicants.
  • Best practices for interviews with case studies and questions.
  • Finding the best candidate.
  • Best practices to avoid common pitfalls and other dangers.
  • And more! 

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