Meet Linda Renteria

Employer: Casa Sanchez Foods

Hobbies: Reading and food

Interests: STEM, Sustainability/greening of businesses

Goals: Greening my business and going back to school

Keys to Success and Leadership: Communication and skill building to empower.

What the Hayward Chamber is to Me: An support organization for the local businesses and community

Vision and Goals for the Chamber: Offering more services/resources to the local businesses to be partners/participants in the Chamber alongside all the other business organizations. (MBE/WBE, Manufacturing associations, Naturally Bay Area, Cal State East SBDC/Entrepreunership Programs, MANEX, EDA, Workforce development, ROP, School District Pathways, Laney/Ohlone/Chabot college work programs and all the other community organizations and their efforts with employment/workforce development.)
Many of the our community organizations are looking at the local businesses as a resource to enhance all of the above programs with internships, project based learning and funding.


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