Meet Eric Vaughn

Employer: One Eleven

Hobbies: Playing the drums, photography and gardening.

Goals: Build One Eleven into one of the leading marketing companies in Northern CA for medium sized companies, and developing a proactive approach to our customer’s brands. Many of our client’s do not have marketing departments or anyone that is solely focused on marketing. We want to be able to fill that void and help our customers improve their overall branding.

Keys to Success and Leadership: Taking criticism well and self reflection. Being in a creative field is very rewarding, but you have to be able to accept criticism, reflect on someone else’s point of view and make improvements. I often reflect on what we could do better, faster, more streamlined, more creative or simply give a design a more professional look. It’s this constant self reflection that continues to drive us to be a better company.

What the Hayward Chamber is to Me: The Hayward Chamber is a place for me to connect to a business community. I started my professional career in Hayward decades ago and have always enjoyed working there.

Vision and Goals for the Chamber: My vision and goals for the Chamber is to help develop a brand strategy so the Chamber can standout among Bay Area chambers as a leader. I want to be able to highlight all the wonderful programs that Hayward is doing and help strengthen the ties to the business community.


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